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About Accredited Alarm Systems

Accredited Alarm Systems has been serving South Jersey for over thirty years.  Accredited Alarms specializes in home and commercial security systems, fire alarm systems and senior protective security for home and health monitoring. A trusted source for residents of southern New Jersey as well as for new home developers.  Accredited Alarm Systems is where South Jersey turns when seeking state of the art fire and security systems with outstanding customer service and personal attention.  Specializing in no long term contract alarm systems and monitoring, Accredited Alarm Systems has been retaining customers for over thirty years without binding contracts but rather with exceptional service.
Joe Buchta
Founder and Owner
Accredited Alarm Systems
Established 1985


After more than 20 years as an executive for a national retailer,  Joe Buchta decided to start Accredited Alarm Systems in 1985.  He decided to take the best of his retail experience and customer service knowledge and apply it to the security industry.  His commitment to personal and home security has been steadfast from the time of his first installation.  For more than thirty years he has served the home owners and renters of South Jersey.  He has worked with premier new home builders to install security systems neighborhood by neighborhood just as he has worked directly with homeowners and renters to newly install or repair existing alarms, home by home. Commercial businesses have been turning to Joe for security systems, camera and video monitoring as well as for fire inspection certifications for the past thirty years as well.  


His interest in home security for his clients is equal to the commitment he has for the safety and security of his own family.  State of the art fire and alarm systems, timely and personal response to questions or concerns, personal attention and commitment to a no-contract needed model are his trademarks.


As large corporate cable and home security companies penetrate the security marketplace, homeowners find themselves under pressure to sign long and onerous contracts.  Promises of cheap or free alarm systems has been a lure for many unsuspecting homeowners.  Joe believes strong customer service, state of the art security systems, a proven track record and  commitment to excellence will retain his customers for years to come in a way that extended contracts and fine print can never match.  The majority of the current Accredited Alarm System clients have been loyal customers for more than five years contract free.  Many customers in South Jersey have been with Accredited Alarm Systems for well over 20 years contract free.  


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