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Home Alarm and Fire Systems

Home alarm systems give the peace of mind that not only your belongings will be protected while you are away as well as when your family is in or arriving home.  When away at work or on vacation you will have peace of mind that your home is protected and monitored 24 hours a day.  Home invasion occurs most often during work hours, during typical holiday and vacation seasons.  Your home and business will be protected, alert you and any other designated family members or friends, in addition to the police and fire department, so that everything from burglary attempts and fire are immediately responded to thwarting damage and theft.


Security options exist to fully monitor the home with cameras, special nanny-cameras, remote door locking and unlocking as well as talking alarms that  announce location of intrusion rather than sending you investigating blindly.


Upgraded Options Include:

  • Video Camera Surveillance

  • Remote control alarm key fobs

  • Talking alarm panels to alert to location of intrusion or of a door or window not secured

  • Remote door locking and unlocking capabilities

  • Alarm notification for hearing impaired

  • Wireless systems so that no holes need to be drilled

  • Secondary panels and small remote controls or panic buttons for additional convenience

  • Nanny Cams and Granny Cams

  • Security lighting for safety as well as beauty

Perfect For Singles, Seniors, and Students

Personal Emergency Response Systems

When living alone or with medical challenges that threaten independent living for you or a loved one consider a Personal Emergency Response System.  Alone or combined with a home alarm system these daily monitoring systems can provide peace of mind that you or your loved one will be checked on every day.  Small personal panic buttons on key fobs, bracelets or necklaces can be worn to ensure immediate medical attention in the event of accident, injury or danger. 


No longer must family members wonder if everything is ok.  With a Personal Emergency Response System peace of mind is achieved by the family knowing that they will be instantly alerted to an emergency situation and that without having to do a thing police and medical attention will be arriving to assist immediately.

This system is highly portable and moves from location to location if needed.  It can help maintain the independent and active lifestyle of active seniors who wish to remain in their own home while allaying the concerns of family members who wish to ensure safety and communication even during their own hectic and busy schedules.  

Fire Alarm Systems

Protect yourself and your family 24-hours a day. Fire alarm systems detect the signs of smoke and fire and instantly notify you and the proper police and fire departments to ensure the safety of you and your family as well as to minimize any potential fire and smoke damage.  With a professionally installed system notification is given when batteries are running low or if the unit is in need of servicing.  


FIre Safety Checks and Certificates available for:

  • New Homes Construction and Development pre-wire with full installation, service and maintenance.

  • Certificate of Occupancy for home sales

  • Business Fire Inspection Certificate

  • Exisiting older homes in need of fire alarm system updating

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